Lockheed DS Items

We have specialized in supplying commercial items to the aerospace industry for over two decades.

DS012 Angle
DS023 Clamp Spindle
DS031 Locating Button
DS102 Toggle Clamp, Push and Pull
DS103 Toggle Clamp
DS105 Toggle Clamp
DS108 Toggle Clamp
DS110 Toggle Clamp
DS111 Toggle Clamp
DS112 Toggle Clamp
DS113 Toggle Pliers
DS114 Toggle Pliers
DS119 Lifting Eye and Shackle
DS120 Eye Bolt
DS127 Die Set
DS129 Quarter Turn Screw
DS131 / SDS131 Shoulder Screw
DS136 / SDS136 Die Stud
DS150 / SDS150 Headless Press Fit Bushing
DS151 Slip Renewable Bushing
DS152 Bushing Lock Screw
DS154 / SDS154 Serrated Bushing
DS171 Die Stud
DS172 Spring Plunger
DS176 Trunnion
DS187 / SDS187 Tooling Ball
DS188 Clamp
DS191 Thumb Screw
DS193 / SDS193 Rest Button
DS197 / SDS197 Stud
DS198 C Washer
DS199 Spherical Washer
DS200 / SDS200 L Pin
DS203 Knurled Hand Knob
DS208 Toggle Pad
DS210 Spring Clip
DS215 Swivel Screw
DS217 Torque Thumb Screw
SDS220 Mill Fixture Base
DS223 Hand Knob
DS226 / SDS226 Clamp Rest
DS228 ID Plate
DS230 / SDS230 Support Screw
DS235 Handle
DS236 Washer
DS237 Chuck Jaws
DS241 / SDS241 Template Bushing
DS273 / SDS273 Eccentric Leveling Lug and Cover
DS281 Clamp Strap
DS283 Swing Washer
DS292 / SDS292 Diamond Pin
DS306 Knob Shoe Assembly
DS312 Adjustable Locating Button
DS329 Thumb Screw
DS334 / SDS334 Check Pin
DS370 / SDS370 Special Dowel
DS384 Precision Locating Bushing
DS385 Precision Bullet Nose Pin
DS388 Shoulder Pin
DS389 / SDS389 Steel Machined Angle
DS397 Steel Machined Gusseted Angle
DS409 / SDS409 Cable Assembly
DS417 Removable Mill Fixture Key
DS424 / SDS424 Special Bushing
DS439 Goose Neck Strap Clamp
DS443 / SDS443 Jig Leveling Pad
DS475 / SDS475 Bushing Handle
DS476 Welded Bushing Handle
DS484 Pin Blank
SDS488 Aluminum Machined Gusseted Angles
DS493 Construction Ball Pad
DS500 ID Plate
DS513 Lifting Ring
DS514 Tee Clamping Pin
DS522 / SDS522 Strap Clamp Aluminum
DS524 Lock Strip for Power Feed Drilling
DS530 / SDS530 Vacuum Seal
SDS531 Step Pin
SDS532 Shoulder Pin
SDS541 Machined Angle
SDS547 Push Nut
SDS580 Stainless Steel Fittings
DS565 / SDS565 Knurled Head Swivel Screw
DS584 Serrated Liner Lock Bushing
DS589 / SDS589 Allenut
DS599 Gusseted Angle
SDS601 Pins and Safety Pins
DS612 / SDS612 Threaded Inserts
DS613 Lock Pin, Single Action
DS614 Clamp Lock Pin
DS616 / SDS616 Slotted Locator Bushing
DS619 Step Pin
DS620 Jig Leveling Feet
DS621 Lockscrew Locating Pin Round
DS622 Lockscrew Locating Pin Diamond
DS630 / SD630 N/C Mill Fixture Key
SDS636 Ball Gage
DS649 / SDS649 Step Pin
DS654 Inspection Decal
DS655 Inspection Decal
SDS656 Index Pin
DS659 Single Acting Ball Lock Pin
DS672 Gage Handle for Tooling Balls
DS675 Air-Feed Lock Clamp
DS682 Tooling Target
DS685 Quick Acting Hand Knob
DS694 Warning Label
SDS697 Photogrammetric Target
DS731 Ventilating Plug
DS739 Recess Bumper
DS740 Cable Tie
DS776 Wood Screw
DS830 / SDS830 Mill Fixture Key
DS860 /SDS860 Coupler 
DS906 / SDS906
DS910 Docking Block
DS912 Blind Bushing
DS921 Bullet Nose Pins and Bushings
SDS922 Special Headless Press Fit Bushing
SDS923 Special Slip/Fixed Renewable Bushing

SDS924 Special Serrated Bushing
DS938 Tooling Sticker
DS940 Invar Target Adapter
SDS941 Tooling Button Lug
DS944 / SDS944 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw
DS945 / SDS945 Flat Head Socket Cap Screw
DS946 / SDS946 Socket Set Screw
DS947 / SDS947 Hex Head Bolts
DS948 / SDS948 Nut
DS949 / SDS949 Flat Head Phillips Machine Screw
DS950 / SDS950 Round Head Phillips Machine Screw
DS951 Drive Screw
DS952 Self Tapping Screw
DS953 / SDS953 Washer
DS954 / SDS954 Dowel Pin
DS955 / SDS955 Carriage Bolt
DS956 / SDS956 Threaded Rod
DS957 Barcode Frame
DS958 Threaded Pin Blank
DS959 Threaded Knurled Collar
SDS965 Towbar Assembly
SDS967 Clamp Strap Assembly
DS968 / SDS968 Fitting Locator
DS969 Floating Locating Pin
DS974 Strap Clamp Assembly
DS975 Step Pin
DS977 Warning Plaque
SDS978 Step Pin
DS981 Shoulder Eye Bolt
DS982 Tabbed Drill Bushing
DS984 / SDS984 Adjustable Threaded Step Pin
DS985 Adjustable Threaded Step Pin
DS986 Index Step Pin
DS987 Index Step Pin
DS988 Index Step Pin
DS989 Hand Feed Bushing
DS990 Index Bushing
DS996 Close Tolerance Locating Button
DS997 Plastic Case
DS998 Threaded Bullet Nose Step Pin
SDS1000 Half Pin
SDS1001 Bolt Storage
SDS1002 Retractable Locator Assembly
DS1003 Retractable Locator Pin Assembly
DS1004 Retractable Locator Slotted Collar Assy
DS1006 Retractable Pin Locator Attachment
DS1007 Retractable Pin Locator Attachment
DS1008 SMR Drift Nest
DS1009 Foot for Swivel Screws
DS1011 Burst Hole Seal
DS1012 FOG Locator Assembly
DS1013 Fog Clamp Assembly
SDS1014 Pin Storage Detail
DS1015 Caution Label
DS1017 ID Label
DS1018 Tool Fixture Hold Down Bolt
DS1019 Tool Fixture Hold Down Bolt
DS1020 ID Plate
DS1021 Headless Press Fit Liner Bushing
DS1022 Temperature Label
DS1023 Bushing Cover
DS1024 Short Step Pin
DS1025 Short Index Pin
DS1026 / SDS1026 Anti Skid Tape
DS1028 / SDS1028 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw, Stainless
DS1029 / SDS1029 Stainless Steel Washer
DS1030 Positioning Sticker
DS1031 Positioning Sticker
DS1032 Head Press Fit Carbide Bushing
DS1033 Universal Assembly Pin
DS1034 Universal Assembly Nut
DS1035 Ball Mounted Retroreflector
DS1036 Lock L-Pin
DS1037 Short Step Pin
DS1038 Short Index Pin
DS1039 Swivel Pad
DS1040 Slotted Slip Renewable Bushing
DS1041 Hex Head Bolts
DS1042 Vinyl Tape / Labels
DS1043 Flange Head Hex Bolt
DS1044 One-way Tamper Resistant Screw
DS1046 / SDS1046 Curved Strap Clamp Assembly
DS1048 Engraved Number Plaque
DS1054 Knurled Check Nut
DS1055 Snap Ring Drill Bushing Assembly
DS1056 Universal Assembly Pin
DS1057 Nylon Washer
DS1058 / SDS1058 Retaining Nut
DS1059 Small Universal Assembly Nut
DS1060 Clear Tube
DS1061 Tube End Cap
DS1063 Flushing Block
DS1064 Head Press Fit Bushing
DS1066 Sq.Head Drill Bushing
DS1067 Snap Ring Bushing
DS1068 Adjustable Step Pin
DS1069 Stud Leveling Pad
DS1070 Assembly Nut
DS1071 Flexible Apron Way Cover
DS1072 Hex Head Captive Machine Screw
DS1073 Block Type Powerfeed Bushing
DS1074 Hand-Retractable Plunger
DS1075 Bushing Shim Pin Blank
DS1076 White Light Target
DS1077 Knob for Adjustable Step Pin
DS1080 High Tolerance Washer
DS1081 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw w/Center Hole
DS1082 White Light Pin
SDS1083 Adjustable Threaded Step Pin
DS1084 Adjustable Locating Pin
DS1085 Short Step Pin w/Color Coding
DS1086 Swivel Hoist Ring
DS1087 Chine Clamp
DS1088 Shock Absorbing Swivel Caster

EQS01343A Slotted Bushing
EQS01344A Tapered Slotted Bushing
EQS01352 Bushing
EQS01353A Slotted Bushing
EQS01354 Taper Pin


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