Dielectric Tape

Geisler Co. - 66432 Dielectric, Flame Retardant Tape.
Polyester Liner/ Acrylic Adhesive

Product Description: Geisler Co. Dielectric tape is an insulating polyester film that meets flame-retardancy requirements of UL 510 and has a temperature rating of UL 130° C. This pressure sensitive adhesive tape offers exceptional flagging and solvent resistance. Easy application provides smooth and even unwind for safe and easy use on automated equipment 

Compare to 3M 1351-1 and 1351-2 tape 

Thickness: .08mmDielectric Tape  - Geisler Company  - dielectric_tape
Insulation Class: B (130 C)
Peel Strength: >250 N/m
Tensile Strength: 35 N/10mm
Elongation: 80%
Breakdown Voltage: 5 KV
Fire Retardancy: UL 510
Solvent Resistant: Yes

Geisler Co. 66432 Dielectric Tape is widely used for electrical insulation on motors, transformers, wrapping coils, capacitors, wire harnesses, shaded pole motors, fractional horsepower motors, and other parts requiring a dielectric barrier.

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