Boeing UT Items 

We have specialized in supplying commercial items to the aerospace industry for over two decades.

UT2 Spherical Tooling Ball
UT820- Ball Lock Shank
UT820A- Ball Lock Surface Mount Bushing
UT820B- Ball Lock Reverse Mount Bushing
UT6911- Warning Streamer
UT7000- Drill Bushing - Serrated
UT7001- Drill Bushing - Headless Press Fit - ANSI Std
UT7001A- Drill Bushing - ANSI Std
UT7001B- Blind Locating Bushing
UT7002-1 Lock Liner Bushing
UT7002-2 Lock Liner Bushing
UT7002-3 Lock Liner Bushing
UT7003- Lock Liner Bushing
UT7003A- Support Ring for Lock Liner Bushing
UT7004- Liner Bushing - ANSI Std
UT7005- Bushing (Index)
UT7006- Hex Grip Bushing - ANSI Std
UT7007- Knurled Plastic Tooling Bushing
UT7007E- Knurled Plastic Tooling Bushing
UT7008- Knurled Plastic Tooling Liner Bushing
UT7009C- Template Bushing Assembly
UT7009D- Clinch-Lok Template Bushing Assembly
UT7009E- Drill Bushing Assembly Template Mounted
UT7010 Drill Bushing - Slip Renewable - ANSI Std
UT7012- Handle Drill Bushing - ANSI Std
UT7013- UNALOCK Liner 
UT7014- UNALOCK Delt-A-Liner
UT7015- Drill Bushing - Head Press Fit - ANSI Std
UT7020- Slotted Hole Locator Bushing
UT7020A- Knurled Slotted Hole Locator Bushing
UT7020E Skin Panel Locator Bushing
UT7020F- Slotted Bushing
UT7022- Lockstrip for Drills
UT7023 Special Bushing
UT7025F- Index Bushing, Pin and Liner
UT7028- Dowel Pin
UT7028A- Coiled Spring Pin, Heavy Duty
UT7028B- Pull-Out Dowel Pin
UT7029- Diamond Nose Pin
UT7029A- Round Locating Pin
UT7029B- Diamond Locating Pin
UT7029C- Round Locating Pin
UT7029D- Diamond Locating Pin
UT7030- Terminal Pin - Jig
UT7035- Ball Lock Pin
UT7035A- Adjustable Ball Lock Pin
UT7036- Pin Blanks (Sliding Handle)
UT7037E Retainer Hold Down Pin
UT7039- Jig Pin Assembly L-Type
UT7039F- Hold Down Pin Type F
UT7039G- Single Action Lok-A-Pin & Bushing Assy
UT7039H- Clamp Pin Lok-A-Pin and Bushing Assy
UT7040 Jig Pin Assembly
UT7042- Bar-Loc Clamps, Quick Acting
UT7043- Expandable Alignment Pin
UT7046- Gage Pin and Step Gage Pin
UT7047- Locating and Hold Down Pin Assembly
UT7047A- Hold Down Pin Assembly
UT7047B- Stud - Seat Track Index
UT7047D- Seat Track Index
UT7047E- Hold Down Pin Assembly
UT7049A- Pin - Floating Locator Bushing
UT7050- Bullet Nose Locating Pin and Liner
UT7051- Tap-Lok Inserts, Self Tapping
UT7053- Keensert Insert
UT7060- Spherical Radius Locator Button
UT7060A- Spherical Radius Locator Button
UT7065- Round Gripper
UT7075- Star Wheel
UT7075A- Quick Acting Knob
UT7077- Knob - Gear Shift
UT7085- Attachment Ring
UT7085A- Cable Ring
UT7087A- Bushing Handle
UT7101- Attachment Cable Assemblies
UT7104- Lock Screw for Air Feed Drill Adaptor
UT7105- Lock Screw
UT7109-0- Swivel Screw
UT7109-1- Swivel Screw
UT7109-2- Self Aligning Toggle Pad
UT7109-3- Swivel Shoes
UT7111- Shoulder Screw Knurled
UT7111A- Knob, Plastic, Thumb Screw, Press on
UT71113- Thumb Screw
UT7114-1- Spring Stop
UT7114-2- Spring Plunger
UT7114-3- Torque Thumb Screw
UT7115- Clamp Screw
UT7116- Thumb Screw, Quarter Turn
UT7117 Thumb Screw

UT7118 Shoulder Thumb Screw
UT7119- Knurled Head Thumb Screw, Small Swivel Pad
UT7119A- Knurled Head Thumb Screw, Large Swivel Pad
UT7130- Eyebolt Blanks
UT7131- Plain Eyebolts
UT7133- Plain Eyebolts - Small
UT7140- Hoist Ring
UT7141- Safety Hoist Ring
UT7142- Heavy Duty Safety Hoist Ring
UT7143- Safety Hoist Ring - Outside Use
UT7144- Safety Hoist Ring, Extended length fastener
UT7166- Jig & Fixture Legs
UT7166A- Jig & Fixture Legs
UT7169 Pintle Hook
UT7177 Caster
UT7177A Pneumatic Caster
UT7200A- Screw, Jack, Knurled Head
UT7200B- Screw, Jack, Knurled Head, Torque
UT7200C- Screw, Jack, Heavy Duty
UT7201- Jig Leveling Screw and Socket, Spherical
UT7204- Spherical Washers
UT7205- Flanged Nuts
UT7207- Knurled Check Nuts
UT7210- Eccentric Tool Button
UT7210-2- Eccentric Tool Button Cover
UT7228 Mount Boss Assembly
UT7281- Locking Trunnion
UT7282- Trunnion
UT7303- Spring Clip, Safety Pin Type
UT7304- Socket Head Shoulder Screw
UT7321- Safety Snaps
UT7503- Gusseted Angle Brackets
UT7504 Support Angles
UT7505- Angle Brackets
UT7768- Cam Clamp
UT7800-1A Clamp - Light to Medium Duty, Vertical Handle
UT7800-1AX Clamp - Light Duty, Vertical Handle
UT7800-1B Clamp - Medium Duty, Vertical Handle
UT7800-1C Clamp - Heavy Duty, Vertical Handle
UT7800-2A Clamp - Light Duty, Horizontal Handle
UT7800-2B Clamp - Medium Duty, Horizontal Handle
UT7800-3A Clamp - Light Duty, Push Pull
UT7800-3B Clamp - Medium to Heavy Duty, Push Pull
UT7800-4A Clamp - Light Duty, Pliers
UT7800-4BT Clamp - Medium to Heavy Duty, Pliers
UT7800-7 Clamp - Light Duty, T-Handle
UT7800-9 Clamp with Long base for Riser Mounting
UT7800-10 Pull Action Manual Clamp
UT7801 Pressure-matic Bolt Retainer Assy
UT7802 Spindle Caps
UT7803 Clamp Feet
UT7804 Bolt Retainer
UT7809 Spring Loaded Edge Clamp
UT7812-3 Small Retracting Toggle Clamp
UT7816 Clamp Rest
UT7818 Clamp Strap Retainer
UT7821 Strap Clamp
UT7821A Strap Clamp
UT7821B Strap Clamp
UT7821C Strap Clamp
UT7822A Strap Clamp
UT7822B Strap Clamp
UT7823 Cam Lock Handles
UT7824 C Washer
UT7825 Fixture Key
UT7826 Nut
UT7829A Low Grip Clamp
UT7829B High Grip Clamp
UT7832- Shock Cord Hook
UT7835 Washer
UT7836 Jig Clamp
UT7841 Strap Assembly
UT7841A Strap Assembly
UT7842 Strap Assembly
UT7843 Strap Assembly
UT7845 Strap Assembly
UT7848 Protective Cover
UT7938 Adjustable Locating Button
UT7851 Cable Assembly
UT7851A Sleeve
UT7852 Shackle
UT7852A Master Link
UT7852B Connecting Link
UT8510A Plastic Case
UT8518 Shipping Box Hardware
UT8550 Vacuum Seal

BACI12AE Screw Thread Insert


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